Name of group: Aphasia Community

Title: Terms of reference (March 2017)

Purpose/role of the group: 

  • The broad purpose of this online forum is to support clinicians and community members to develop and maintain aphasia groups
  • The specific aim of this forum is to develop a collective body of knowledge in relation to aphasia groups
  • The forum was established in 2014 by researchers at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia: Dr Miranda Rose, and PhD Candidates Ms Lucie Lanyon and Ms Michelle Attard. Lucie and Michelle will serve as the forum’s moderators for 2017


  • Membership is open to speech-language pathologists and other health professionals who support people with aphasia and their families to be involved in groups
  • Non-health professionals (e.g., volunteers, caregivers, people with aphasia) with a specific interest in aphasia groups are welcome to join
  • Membership is ongoing unless you choose to unsubscribe from the forum


  • At any time, members can login and alter their profile or unsubscribe
  • Members are able to initiate a new topic; however, they are not able to alter or delete existing discussions
  • Whilst the discussions are open to all interested parties, given the nature of our primary audience please be aware that clinical terminology will be used at times

Posting Rules:

  • Sharing of information and resources
    • If posting resources, ensure the original source is acknowledged
    • Do not breach copyright when posting publications or images
    • When recommending events, resources etc., clearly state any conflict of interest
    • Posts requesting research participation or surveys should be forwarded to the moderators for consideration prior to posting
    • If in doubt about the suitability of a post, contact one of the moderators prior to posting
    • Please use alternative networks to post job advertisements
  • Posting Etiquette
    • Ensure language is courteous and respectful at all times
    • Do not post or forward messages containing jokes, social conversation, or any other unrelated material
    • We are all developing skills and knowledge as lifelong learners—all questions are good questions
    • Client confidentiality must be maintained at all times
    • Members are encouraged to provide a signature e.g., affiliation and location in order to increase opportunities for networking amongst Aphasia Community members
  • Moderator Response
    • Posts deemed inappropriate by the Aphasia Community moderators will be deleted. Members who repeatedly post inappropriate content may be suspended and/or banned


  • The Aphasia Community moderators will post a new topic at regular intervals. 
  • Topics initiated by members are welcome


  • The terms of reference shall be reviewed annually from the date of release